Persephone’s Plight


joy, shrouded in black

blinded by veils of darkness

you tempt and taunt me

with possibility

as I bleed for you

you adorn me with crazy

make a game

a mockery

of my last shred of hope

in the end,

though I impale you

with the best of me

you are the victor

over my cursed soul

the rains come down

as Hades

carries me away.


Written for Minlovemisery’s Menagerie‘s Prompt #78 “Persephone” and shared with D’Verse Poet’s Open Link Night.

Inspired by this disturbing video:


It Puzzles Me




I looked at you

So perfectly assembled

Put together

Like a designer puzzle

An image crafted

With attention to detail

Not a piece out of place

Everything fits

Has purpose

Makes sense

Neatly connected

To the bigger picture

The order, the confidence, the allure

All the appealing attributes of you

And it is oh so lovely.


But, it puzzles me:

How do you do it?

So nonchalantly

With consistent ease?

It puzzles me.


Still, “I like puzzles,” I thought

As I gazed upon your perfection

So, I picked up my own box

Eager to put things together

For myself too

Other than a few signs of wear

And some bulging edges

It looked promising.


But, when I opened the lid

An indistinguishable creature

Leapt to freedom

After enduring a captivity

Of only god knows how long

He landed on my mismatched socks

Blending in with the solid black crew cut

Before scurrying

Across the turquoise-striped ankle sock.


Still undeterred

I turned my attention back

To the puzzle pieces scattered about

Only to find them adorned

With a half-eaten piece

Of mouldy pizza

Sprinkled with a rainbow

Of sticky, stale, pale Skittles

Picking them off

I begin looking for edges

Because everyone knows you do puzzles

From the outside in.


Alas, I discovered my box contained

More edges than insides

An external shell

To frame the emptiness within

And the inside pieces I did find?

They appeared to belong

To multiple, disconnected puzzles

Nonsensical slivers

Of a once-beautiful whole

Stuck in a box



Forcibly residing

Beside unmatched parts

None of them enough to complete even one

Full puzzle


And, it puzzles me.


Perhaps I’m not cut out for puzzles after all.


Written for Prompt #77 at  Minlovemisery’s Menagerie that asks us to, “choose a quote from Oscar Wilde for your inspiration…..Oscar Wilde is known for his witty and thought-provoking quotes so try to include an element of humor/sarcasm/absurdity into your work.”

My post was inspired by the following Oscar Wilde quote:



Holding Back Crazy


I may shine

And sparkle

With laughter

Borne of diamonds

Mined from

Childhood’s happy core

But, come too close, Stranger

And you will find

The secret shadow

Of a martyred child

Yesteryear’s seer

Today’s prisoner

Behind steel resolve

Holding back Crazy.


Written for The Sunday Whirl  The words for this week are bolded in the above post.

Also shared with Poet’s United for Poetry Pantry #223.




Somewhere in your dark night

Shines a bright hopeful star

Splendid luminous glow

Stemming the flow of Pain

Stalking you to the brink

Suicidal heartache

Sewn up, mended, by light.


Written for  D’Verse Poets in response to the Pleiades prompt:

Going by its properties the form “Pleiades” was invented in 1999 by Craig Tigerman. It consists of seven lines, each line starting with the same letter as the title. The title is a single word.

Later on Hortensia Anderson restricted the length of each line to six syllables. Hence, this form can be defined as a seven line poem with each line beginning with the same letter as the title and having six syllables in each line. The title must be of one word only.

Image Source

The Cry of the Carrion


John Alunan

John Alunan

At first

Just a soft flutter

In my hard heart

Slowly, your wings

Draw me in

Shelter me

In your warmth

And dreams take flight

Over vistas of vulnerability

And pastures of promise

But, your fickle feathers fly

On capricious winds


Origami birds

Soul vultures

Torn from the paper edges

Of my frayed heart

Fluttering away

In the slightest breeze

Leaving me

A blurry mess

Of an abandoned carcass.


Written for the Crashing Cranes Photo Challenge over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Quote: What you Love

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Goblets of Acrimony


You whisper my name

Under the sheets

Like a long-forgotten poem

But your speech is broken

Washed away

By the goblets of acrimony

We drink together

Though we sense

That it strips

Us of the vitality

That once kept us close


Amidst signs of darkness.


Written for Wordle 181 at The Sunday Whirl. All Wordle words in my poem appear in bold.




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