A Gold Miner’s Love




Long ago

Before we grew old

Treading water in this ocean of time

You inhabited the islands in my mind

Crossed waves of my resistance

To mine the shores of my heart

Searching every granule

For gold

Then turned around

As an expression of rapture

And gave it back to me

To keep

lived out my days


In your lavish love.


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Written for The Sunday Whirl.  Linking up with Poet’s United too for Poetry Pantry #219.


Quote: Struggle



September Road




was a golden road

lined with the deepest hues of red

underneath a canopy of blue

joyful autumn sky

full of potential

and limitless beauty

noticed on our walks.


Every year

as it beckoned us

with the exuberance

of crisp, first days

promising renewal

and the anticipation

of fresh starts,

we spoke often

animated with hope

for what the year would bring

and, I bathed in peace

perfectly content

in my favorite time of year.


But, one year,

that golden September road

twisted into

a grey mountainous nightmare

splattered with red

and shattered glass

silver metal

crushed and crumpled

like her body

in the daylight

underneath a cloud of tragedy

jaws of life

too late to save her

while her voice

still played

on my answering machine.


Every year

when September looms

before me on the calendar

it is that second road I dread

up ahead

the worst time of year

as it batters me

with the horror

of final loss

promising grief

and the revisited sorrow

from anniversaries

of permanent endings.


Now, October’s road

brings relief

once September is, again,

safely in the rear-view mirror.


Written for Real Toads in response to the following question:  What are your September memories?

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Stray Bullets


horse at sunrise

In the early hours

Of this dismal day

An orange fire ball rose

Thrust its rays of light

Stray bullets

Shattering Horizon’s

Darkest edge

A signal that life goes on

Outside this spot

Where I plant futile

Meandering thoughts

And place locks around

My heart’s garden

Trampled, too often,

By wild horses

Of unbridled regrets.


Word Count: 55 words

Written for The Sunday Whirl where we were challenged to use twelve words (in bold) in our post. Also, joining Real Toads to write a piece of fiction that’s exactly 55 words.


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Quote: Madness

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The Road to Somewhere


The Road to Somewhere © Kelly Letky

The Road to Somewhere
© Kelly Letky


I took the road to somewhere

That stretched ahead of me

Facing it with joyful stare

And young, unbridled glee.


At first, it was a pretty stroll

With beauty on each side

But, it began to take a toll

From pain in every stride.


It turned into a marathon

A long, tenacious run

An overwhelming paragon

Of obstacles to shun.


I ran the road to somewhere

That stretched ahead of me

Resolved that I would get there

Wherever ‘there’ may be.


In the end, my long journey

Was far too much to bear

Although my legs were sturdy

I could not make it there.


I dreamed I’d reach the finish line

Of  lifelong nuptial road

After spending years feigning ‘fine’

And watching soul erode.


One day, the road would even out

And we both would win

Drink in the end to this long drought

Gently bandage skin.


But, victory was not to be

So, I took off my tattered shoes

And set my aching body free

From a race I would only lose.


I left the road to somewhere

That once stretched ahead of me

And whispered a little prayer

For whatever will now be.


Written for Real Toads and inspired by the beautiful photography of The Blue Muse, Kelly Letky.

Quote: New Beginning

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