The Road to Somewhere


The Road to Somewhere © Kelly Letky

The Road to Somewhere
© Kelly Letky


I took the road to somewhere

That stretched ahead of me

Facing it with joyful stare

And young, unbridled glee.


At first, it was a pretty stroll

With beauty on each side

But, it began to take a toll

From pain in every stride.


It turned into a marathon

A long, tenacious run

An overwhelming paragon

Of obstacles to shun.


I ran the road to somewhere

That stretched ahead of me

Resolved that I would get there

Wherever ‘there’ may be.


In the end, my long journey

Was far too much to bear

Although my legs were sturdy

I could not make it there.


I dreamed I’d reach the finish line

Of  lifelong nuptial road

After spending years feigning ‘fine’

And watching soul erode.


One day, the road would even out

And we both would win

Drink in the end to this long drought

Gently bandage skin.


But, victory was not to be

So, I took off my tattered shoes

And set my aching body free

From a race I would only lose.


I left the road to somewhere

That once stretched ahead of me

And whispered a little prayer

For whatever will now be.


Written for Real Toads and inspired by the beautiful photography of The Blue Muse, Kelly Letky.

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Et Tu Brute?

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When you said you’d have my back for life

I never realized that  meant

Stabbed and bloodied by your knife.

Quote: The Best People



Starry Night



Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

a plethora of iridescent

glow-in-the-dark paint splatters on

a velvet blue canvas sky

stupefies the artist

within me, gazing

admiring this





Written for Mag #234 over at Magpie Tales where we were given the beautiful  Starry Night  by Alex Ruiz as our visual prompt for this week. I wrote my response as a Nonet.

A Nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables, etc… until line nine finishes with one syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.

line 1 – 9 syllables
line 2 – 8 syllables
line 3 – 7 syllables
line 4 – 6 syllables
line 5 – 5 syllables
line 6 – 4 syllables
line 7 – 3 syllables
line 8 – 2 syllables
line 9 – 1 syllables

Litany of Loss



How can I rend you from my heart

When you inhabited decades?

The litany of loss left in your wake

Is anything but

Singular, straightforward:

Gossamer kisses

From a high school sweetheart

Sweet and tender

Wherever we could steal them

Classrooms, parks and chapels

Sleeping bags in icy culverts

Ablaze with the passion

Of First Love

A station wagon’s candlelit back seat

Air Supply serenades


Our lives entwined

Like our limbs in the night

Husband and wife

A warm and comforting



Year after year

Marking time

With inside jokes and pet names

Unique to our bond

Talking long into the night

And laughing until it hurt

Our stories

Starring each other

As the lead

The one

For life

The mingling of our DNA

Created new life

Little ones we cherished

Parented together

Our chubby-cheeked babes

With grubby hands

Dimpled smiles

Scraped knees

Broken bones

And years of sleepless nights

We weathered it all

With these boys of ours

An artistic rendition

Of the best of both of us

When I left you

I did not simply leave one man

Who ran his fingers through my hair

At sunset’s hour

Or caught my eyes

Across a crowded room

And said it all with one look

My veins, my lifeblood

Infused with you

And the many things

You have meant to me

Along life’s journey

How do I transfuse these memories

Bleeding out of me

As all-encompassing sorrows

Too numerous to list

In this simple litany of loss.


Written for Fireblossom Friday over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads where Shay asks us to consider the poetic possibilities of lists.

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The Wall



Within my fortress

I keep you at a distance

To protect myself


Fumbling in the dark

You look for nooks and crannies

Where the light shines through


When you don’t find them

As quickly as you had hoped

You give up trying


While you walk away

I buy more bricks and mortar

To shore up my heart


Sadness is a wall

That keeps us from each other

Exiled and alone.


Written in response to Chèvrefeuille’s prompt over at Carpe Diem.

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