Quote: Delicious Ambiguity

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Petal Corpses


Yumi Johnson

Inside her soul

A river of blue

Hopeless yearning

Rushes towards

Shores of joy

Drowning any signs

Of burgeoning life

Delicate, uncut flowers

Now identified only

By petal corpses


In stagnant waters

Until the only sound

That remains

In her desolate soul

Is one tiny songbird

Perched valiantly

On his make-shift post:

An upturned


Drifting amidst

The flood of

Washed out dreams

Image is “Floating Rose Petals” by Yumi Johnson.  Image Source.

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Sleeping With the Enemy




When I see your face

It’s really hard to take

Your disapproval hides

Behind the smile you fake


You act calm and normal

But underneath your skin

You have no compassion

For my pain within


You think it’s been too long

To be so damn depressed

You just want to shake me

“Snap out of it! Get dressed!”


You have zero pity

For the plight I endure

Your only concern is

To find me a quick cure


I’m sleeping with the enemy

And though we share a bed

My lack of self-compassion

Is the enemy I dread.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete”–Buddha

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Divine Ecstasy

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You take me to heights of ecstasy

So divine the heavens open

Even an atheist’s loins

Would cry out in pleasure

Lips trembling in faith

Begging for more

From heaven

“Oh, God,



Written as a nonet.

Quote: Heart Investment

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My Mind is Like the Land of Oz

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When the skies

Turn dark and grey

And the pressure

Starts to build

I know it’s just

A matter of time

Before that

Funnel of torment

Drops me back


My mind of Oz

Where little munchkins

Run amok

And insecurities

Take on personalities

Larger than life

Then link arms

And skip together

Down a yellow brick road

With my overly optimistic


Inner child

Chanting irritating ditties

That loop in my head

Like an earworm

I can’t dislodge

And it never matters

In my mind of Oz

How dazzling

My ruby red slippers are

Because, without fail

Clicking my heels

Does nothing

But scuff my shoes

And bruise my hopes

Foolish Dorothy

I’m beginning to doubt

She ever made it back to Kansas

After all

And the Wizard?

Well, he never turns out to be

What I imagine

Not even by a long shot

They say the power’s in you

All along

If only I could figure out

How to harness

These damned

Winged monkeys

Furiously flapping around

My mind:

Fly my pretties,

Fly me out of Oz.

Inspired by Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie’s Prompt #94–We are All Crazy. I interpreted this prompt more loosely than was asked, but this is in response to the portion of the prompt that asked for us to share the internal conversations that we have with ourselves.


Diablo’s Pebbles



(Come close

And I’ll tell you a secret

Diablo forbids

Me to tell)


Don’t be fooled

By her sweet smile

Or the lure of her lips

The demons within her

Wrestled the angel

She was

Held her down

Stopped her


In her tracks

Oh, yes, she can still

Act saintly

On cue

But it’s just

Rote memory now

Empty science

Don’t you dare

Crack her open

Inside her soul

Is where

The Prince of Darkness

Shines his pebbles.

Written in response to the image prompt (above) from Magpie Tales and the Wordle prompt from The Sunday Whirl where we were asked to use the following words:


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