As I begin to

Cantillate past memories

Foreboding hits me

A bazaar of overloaded senses

From an infected soul fistula

You filled with junk

As you purloined

My innocence

With your sordid rendezvous

But, I intend to haul

Every last piece

Across the gorge of time

And incinerate it with

Any diameter of you

That touched the center of me

Until the memories dwindle

And the pain turns to ash.

Written for Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie.  Wordle #67 gives the following words:

  1. Cantillate (tochant;intone)
  2. Haul
  3. Bazaar
  4. Purloin (to steal)
  5. Foreboding
  6. Junk
  7. Dwindle
  8. Rendezvous
  9. Incinerate
  10. Fistula (Pathology.anarrow passage or duct formed by disease or injury, as oneleading from an abscess to a free surface, or from one cavity to another. Surgery. anopening made into a hollow organ, as the bladder or eyeball, for drainage.)
  11. Gorge
  12. Diameter

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.




when the day is hard

and the night is long

I run to the mailbox in my mind

take out a letter from you

sit with your book in my hands

shop through your verbal records

walk the way your ideas take me

and I find myself elsewhere

in a place where

I am calmed

and all is well

Written for Sunday’s Whirlgig and shared with Poet’s United. We were asked to use the following words:

idea, sitting, book, hands, letter, mailbox, shop, records, way, walk, run, elsewhere


Black Widow


She spins her web to bed him

Lures him with widow wiles

Little does he know: he’s doomed

Written for B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond where we were introduced to the American 767.

The American 767 is:

  • a tristich, a poem in 3 lines. (Cool thing to know!)
  • syllabic, 7-6-7 syllables per line.
  • unrhymed.
  • written with the name of a “bug” in it.



the poet

places his hand

on the ashes

of my blackened heart

healing fingertips

to pull out pain

words I hear

from his sweet lips

to give me life again

who is this man

worming his way in

between the deadened bark

dry and caustic in my soul

he pours joy

to flow into me

we forge our love communion

Written for Words Count with Mama Zen over at toads where Mama Zen asks us to:

Pick a few words from the “ultraconserved words” list and write a poem of 60 words or less.

Here’s the list:

to give
man / male
to hear
to pull
to flow
to spit


Death Wish


When the death wish

Burrowed in your brain

Nettled you too far

Nothing could intenerate

Your suicidal intent


When your death wish

Bound and gagged your sanity

Prodded your tendons

To flex the accelerator

Exceed the speed limit

Drive your bike

Down the wrong side of the road

You didn’t even flinch


You and your death wish converged

With oncoming traffic

Bewildered and traumatized

By their generous role

As a fatal poultice for your pain


When your death wish was finally met

You were left, scattered,

So bloodied and broken

Only a peroxide Messiah

Could have saved you

(But he didn’t)

Then, did you finally find your peace?

Written about a young man who chose to leave us too soon. Written for Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie’s Wordle #66  We were given the following words and asked to use at least ten of them:

  1. Converge
  2. Prod
  3. Burrow
  4. Messiah
  5. Tendon
  6. Gag
  7. Poultice
  8. Limit
  9. Intenerate (tomakesoft or tender; soften)
  10. Peroxide
  11. Generosity
  12. Nettle




Photo by Bert Stern

Photo by Bert Stern

From the first kiss you ignite

My flesh; flames blazing tonight

Oh how quickly your heart turned

I played with fire and got burned.

Written as a tanaga for B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond and for the photo prompt over at Magpie Tales.

The Tanaga is a Filipino poem.  It consists of four lines with seven syllables each; the rhyme scheme is AABB.

Traditional tanagas don’t have titles and are composed in the Tagalog language.  Most have been handed down through oral history and contain proverbs and moral lessons.


I Still Remember



I am a woman

forgotten by

the tremulous lover

I still remember

as I wander

the city that holds

our customs in its parks

traditions of our bond

in the architecture that frames

streets pulsing with

the memories of us


you have chosen to walk

down a separate path now

but I am still a woman

who remembers when

we walked together.

Written for Sunday’s whirlgig where we were given the following words to incorporate into a poem or short story:

woman, love, forgotten, wander, separate, tremulous, city, architecture, customs, traditions, remember, holds

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